Legal Documents
Sequim For Sale By Owner (FSBO), Port Angeles For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

If you are selling a home or land in Port Angeles or in Sequim, getting the right legal documents and disclosures required under the law (and there are many) and drafting clear and unambiguous language is no small challenge. 

Legal Requirements Are Complex and There Are Many

You'll need a good Purchase & Sale Agreement, Contingency Addendums (financing, inspection, etc.), legal descriptions (legally "sufficient"), disclosures required under Federal and State law (lead paint, environmental, Form 17 with brand new requirements effective June 22, 2007 and possibly Form 17C), and you'll need to handle all the "little" issues that come up between the signed agreement and closing.  Any one of these "little" issues can kill the transaction. 

You'll need to manage the details, such as inspections, repairs, appraisals, and any other issues required by a feasibility study or contingency.  And someone, i.e. you, needs to be the transactions manager, meaning that you'll need to supervise the entire transaction and everyone who is involved as a party or as a third-party involved in inspections, repairs, re-inspections, lending, credit issues, clearing clouds on the title, addressing survey issues, if any, and on and on. 

You've heard the saying, "The devil is in the details."  Well, the details can kill your transaction, and the law holds you to the same standard as professionals in the fields of real estate brokerage and real estate law.  In other words, if you don't comply with the law in any aspect . . . you can be in serious trouble.  Of course, serious trouble in a real estate transaction means you lose a lot of money (not to mention the stress that takes a few years off your life).

Whether you do all this, or you have a real estate agent do all this, it needs to be done.  By the way, if you have an agent, do they know how to do all this?  Is he or she an expert in real estate transactions? 

Beware of potential claims of seller misrepresentation, even though you are completely honest and do nothing wrong morally, you can be sued after closing.  Read more about unintentional misrepresentation here.

Very truly yours,
Chuck Marunde, J.D., Real Estate Consultant, Broker/Owner, Real Estate Attorney (Ret.)
Sequim & Port Angeles Real Estate, LLC
Port Angeles, Washington  98362