Port Angeles and Sequim Super Links
18 Absolutely Free Powerful Resources for Buyers and Sellers

Free Sequim Real EstateReal Estate News Bulletin for Sequim buyers and sellers - FREE.  Let’s get to the point.  Exactly what is free?  All 18 of the following incredible resources are absolutely free with no obligation and no required registration on your part, courtesy of retired real estate attorney and now real estate broker and Realtor Chuck Marunde, who has been giving away free help on the Internet in Sequim and Port Angeles since 1995.

1.  FREE - Search the entire Sequim MLS and the entire Port Angeles MLS with a unique map feature and beautiful graphics and easy navigation (perhaps the best MLS site in all of Clallam County).

2.  FREE - Hundreds of articles on Sequim and Port Angeles real estate, buying and selling, negotiation secrets of an experienced negotiator, legal issues to avoid by an experienced attorney, how the real estate brokerage business really works behind the scenes by an experienced Broker, online marketing tips for selling real estate by an expert Internet marketing Realtor, no holds barred tips for buying real estate for the best possible price and the best terms, and much more.

3.  FREE - The most powerful and easy to use mortgage calculators online, figure out how much you qualify for, find out what your monthly payment would be, discover what additional payments will do.

4.  FREE - Your own weekly email newsletter specializing on Sequim and Port Angeles real estate issues, prices, market timing, charts and graphs on what is selling, and so on.  Subscription is FREE and anonymous (only your email is needed, and you can unsubscribe anytime).

5.  FREE - Sequim and Port Angeles Real Estate Videos to help buyers and sellers.

6.  FREE - Sequim and Port Angeles Real Estate Law Online covering almost every real estate legal issue that comes up here.

7.  FREE - A “content-rich” real estate broker website for Sequim and Port Angeles Real Estate.

8.  FREE - The Number 1 Sequim and Port Angeles Custom Home Builder (over 400 homes since 1981) with floor plans, photos, specifications, and much more.

9.  FREE - A Home Builder’s Blog for Sequim and Port Angeles with the truth about building and price per square foot and much more.

10.  FREE - Local Sequim and Port Angeles interest articles and photos!

11.  FREE - A Sequim and Port Angeles real estate blog with a national network.

12.  FREE - Ezine expert author Chuck Marunde on Real Estate.

13.  FREE - Port Angeles Vision, a blog about Port Angeles downtown development and businesses.

14.  FREE - Sequim and Port Angeles Classified Ads online.

15.  FREE - Podcasts on Sequim and Port Angeles real estate issues of Traps for the Unwary.

16.  FREE - Search Sequim and Port Angeles Foreclosures and nationwide.

17.  FREE - Referral Fee Sign-up and automatic tracking.

18.  FREE - Vacation Accommodations for Buyer Clients (over 100 vacations offered).

Why are all these valuable and content-rich resources offered absolutely FREE?  Chuck has always been generous in giving away knowledge and experience as he has been doing since 1995.  With the real estate market in such a slump, Chuck is working very hard to give clients real value, and to do what he has practiced his whole life:  give and give and give, and eventually it comes back.  Chuck is hoping that clients and prospective clients will see that he is giving them something of value and asking for NOTHING in return, and that he is credible, whether they are buying or selling in this market.  “Honestly, tell me one other real estate broker or agent in the area who gives clients as much as I do, all free.  I hope readers will feel that I am working hard to earn their business and that I am trustworthy.  Of course, they can always email me and ask questions and find out if I am credible and whether they think I can help them.  I do love helping people, so I think that makes a difference, and I think people can sense that.”

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