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Building a new home can be very exciting, and it can be a wonderful experience capped with the joy of celebrating your home warming party with all your friends and family.  Building your custom home designed exactly as you dreamed can become reality.  But it is too often a stressful experience full of uncertainty and unexpected costs, ending in frustration and regrets.  This section will make sure you end up on the joyful end with fond memories throughout.  By the way, Sequim and Port Angeles, Washington present some incredible opportunities to buy land and build right now. 

Article:  Building Your Sequim or Port Angeles Home

Article:  Building an Affordable Home Under Special Program:  $225,150

The tabs on the left will guide you through a total of 80 years of experience by the experts  who have contributed to help you address the most crucial elements of this process.  While this material gets to the point and avoids lengthy dissertations down various bunny trails, you would pay a small fortune for the expertise of a real estate attorney of 20 years, a real estate broker with 10 years experience in real estate sales, a custom home builder with 30 years experience, and a project manager with 20 years experience.  You would pay at least $200 per hour just for the attorney, but even more valuable is the experience of the builder and project manager.  This section on building your new home will help you avoid Traps for The Unwary.

Why does this website give this kind of valuable information away free?  Because the best way to help people, in my opinion, is to give them real and precious information that can improve the quality of their lives, and to do it with no obligation and with a low key approach, like this website.  This is called education marketing, or permission marketing.  It costs you nothing, but it could save you tens of thousands of dollars, and it could level your path in this next phase of your life--building your new home.  Is technology great or what?  Right now, you are probably sitting in the comfort of your home at your computer researching new homes, costs and prices, home designs, and maybe your looking for the best builder in Sequim or Port Angeles. 
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